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Piano Lessons

Learn the creative way

We are excited for you that you’re looking towards developing your skills and interest in the piano! Regardless of where you’re at and what your goal is, we will tailor our lessons to fit you.

About Us

Enchanting Keys Music Academy was founded upon the aspiration to inspire a lifelong passion for music. Our goal is to not only teach music but to instill a passion and deep appreciation for it along with it. For both our child and adult students, our instructors also act as supportive mentors that not only keep their students on track and motivated to continue improving but to be there for them in life, going beyond traditional music lessons.

Piano Lesson Options

Private In-Person Lessons (for Kids)

For ages: 4-17

We currently offer music lessons at students’ homes for those who reside in the Suwanee, Buford, Duluth, Lawrenceville and Dacula areas. In these lessons, we customize and tailor our learning materials and curriculum to fit each individual student.

Online Lessons (for Kids)  

For ages: 8-17

This is a great learning style that benefits especially those busy adults or kids who don’t have the time to travel or want to save a bit on in-person lessons! During these lessons, you would get a 1-on-1 live online piano lesson with one of our amazing instructors. Each instructor has a professional setup, including multiple camera angles to provide various perspectives and high-quality audio. You’ll also have access to our student portal where you get to review the notes from each lesson and ensure outstanding weekly progress!

Buddy Lessons (for Kids)  

For ages: 6-17

Students at Enchanting Keys get the benefit of private and group lessons as we offer Buddy Lessons, which is a 30 minute overlapping or “buddy” time with the next student. During this time, we work on duets, theory games, and ensemble improvisation. This is a great option for making new friends or pairing up with siblings and building the very valuable skills of cooperation and collaboration. Currently, as we are preparing to open our physical location, we will only offer Buddy Lessons for siblings/relatives of the same household.

Adult Lessons  

For ages 18+
In-person and Online

We realize that most schools don’t encourage, nor have a separate lesson structure, tailored towards adults, so we have crafted the perfect lesson program for you! In this program, we work on expanding upon your fundamentals, such as your repertoire, technique, performance and music theory, along with having the opportunity to have fun duets with us! We sit and discuss your goals and aspirations and come up with a plan in order to make it happen. Whether it’s to make it into a band, start a solo career in music or if it’s to further a passion for a hobby, we will encourage you and give you all the tools you need to succeed!

When You Join Enchanting Keys Music Academy, You Get:

Well-rounded Lessons with Gamified Learning

We believe that learning to play an instrument should be an exploration of all music with each lesson feeling fresh and exciting. Therefore, we give a gamified and creativised learning experience for our students, incorporating games and other creative teaching resources, along with regular curriculum books, to keep lessons fun, comprehensive and implement a forever love for the instrument.

Performance Opportunities and Resources

There are unlimited recital and performance opportunities, along with loads of resources offered to all of our students, giving students the chance to play for others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Access to Our Student Portal

A lot of magic happens here! This is where your lesson notes, schedule and studio announcements live. And, not only that, billing is made simple with our online studio invoicing system in place, so you can just focus on continuing your progression and love of music with hassle-free automated billing.

Referral Credit Program

Enjoy a nice FREE Lesson credit applied to your student account after a referred student completes their first lesson with us!

Our Mentorship

When you choose to learn with us, you don’t just gain an instructor, you gain a mentor in life. We will be there for you every step of the way, cheer you on as you grow and lift you up whenever you’re down.