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Welcome to Enchanting Keys Music Academy

Enchanting Keys Music Academy was founded upon the aspiration to inspire a lifelong passion for music. Our goal is to not only teach music but to instill a passion and deep appreciation for it along with it. For both our child and adult students, our instructors also act as supportive mentors that not only keep their students on track and motivated to continue improving but to be there for them in life, going beyond traditional music lessons.

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Private In-Person Lessons

Online Lessons

Buddy Lessons

We provide a premium service of in-home, custom-made expert lesson plans for either 30mins, 45mins or 60mins a week with all books and materials provided. Never miss another event or club again since our instructors drive to you while working with your schedule. This option is available for those who reside within a 15-mile radius of the school location in Suwanee, Georgia. Also, for your convenience, you'll have access to the student portal 24/7 where all past lesson notations will be available, as well as, announcements, scheduling and more.

    This is a great learning style that benefits especially those busy adults or kids who don’t have the time to travel for in-person lessons! During these lessons, you would get 1-on-1 live online music lessons for either 30mins, 45mins or 60mins each week with one of our amazing instructors. Each instructor has a professional setup, including multiple camera angles to provide various perspectives and high-quality audio. Also, for your convenience, you'll have access to the student portal 24/7 where all past lesson notations will be available, as well as, announcements, scheduling and more.

      Students at Enchanting Keys get the benefit of private and group lessons as we offer Buddy Lessons, which is a 30-minute overlapping or “buddy” time with the next student. During this time, we work on duets, theory games, and ensemble improvisation. This is a great option for making new friends or pairing up with siblings and building the very valuable skills of cooperation and collaboration. Currently, as we are preparing to open our physical location, we will only offer Buddy Lessons for siblings/relatives of the same household. Also, for your convenience, you'll have access to the student portal 24/7 where all past lesson notations will be available, as well as, announcements, scheduling and more.

        Why Enchanting Keys Music Academy?

        We Create

        As well-rounded musicians, we don't just read music. We arrange, we improvise, and we compose our own pieces.

          We Get Great Results

          Students don't have to do exams, but when they choose to, they always achieve fantastic marks and have fun along the way.

            We Perform

            Have fun at our annual online recital party where we perform and watch our peers' best pieces and have our award ceremony. We also have loads of resources offered to all of our students, giving students the chance to play for others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

              We Collaborate

              Students at Enchanting Keys get duet opportunities through our Buddy Lessons program and work together, making musical friends at the same time.

                We Use Technology

                The iPad is becoming an indispensable tool for musicians, and we use the best educational apps on offer within our lessons.

                  We Gamify Learning

                  We play board games and do activities away from the instrument to reinforce concepts in different ways, making learning stronger while keeping students engaged and excited to come to lessons.



                    FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.


                    Do I need to get the instrument I want to learn at home to begin my lessons?

                    Yes, to make sufficient progress, you must be able to practice at home. These days, it’s easier than ever to get a hold of any instrument so that you can hone your skills. We can happily recommend some inexpensive brands for the instrument you desire to learn if you do not currently have access to one.

                    Are there performance opportunities?

                    We are proud to say that we have loads of performance and duet / collaboration opportunities through our Buddy Lessons program, which is one of the services you can get started with today, along with hosting our very own annual online recital party, which takes place at the end of each year! In addition, we help our students get ready for big performance opportunities, auditions and exams, along with having a list of good recital / performance opportunities we recommend. Refer to the resources page to see the entire list!

                    Which styles of music do you teach?

                    We teach all styles of music, including rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, folk and classical! We combine traditional and new / creative methods in our teaching while tailoring lessons around your goals and interests!

                    Am I too old or young for music lessons?

                    Not at all! One of the best things about music is that you are never too young or old to get started or rekindle your passion with music!

                    Which days and times are available for music lessons?

                    Our hours of operation are 2:30pm - 8:30pm Monday - Friday and 10am - 4pm on Saturdays.

                    How often should I take music lessons?

                    The majority of our students have lessons once a week and excel with that, however some do benefit with two lessons per week. If you’re an adult learner or someone who is ambitious to excel faster, then two lessons a week may be right for you!

                    How do I get started?

                    Call us at 470-240-1880 or fill out the form above!

                    Need help deciding what package fits you best? Contact us and tell us a little about yourself and your goals, and we’ll get back to you shortly with what we suggest!